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From Mel James

The project was initiated by Marlene Ash. She is working with Pat Richards, who works with Hope House Hospice which is located in Aurora. The intent of the project is to provide pleasure to a person that has been provided with a difficult personal health diagnose. Our experience with providing the comfort birds in the past is that recipients identify with the birds, give them a name and include them in their daily life. There is always a smile on their face when they look at the bird and move the bird within their hand. The birds create a therapeutic peace with the recipient.

The demand for these birds will be continual for the Hospice provides an invaluable service to people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Marlene teaches wood carving at the Aurora Cultural Center and she has her group carving comfort birds also. We have delivered over 20 birds in the first package and Marlene has received several positive responses already.

Second batch of 15 birds is now ready for delivery in the next few days. I have 15 cut out templates ready for carving so I encourage everyone to have at least two birds in some sort of production. Please let me know how many you would like.

I would now like to give you all an update of our activity to date:

Wood of various types have been provided and used to cut out templates by:
Craig Severn, Vic Lovegrove, Judy Vienneau, Pat Crossley, Marlene Ash, John Fox and Mel James.

The completed birds for the first delivery was provided by:
Craig Severn, John Fox, Judy Vienneau, Nick Mozzetti, Ana Khorramshahi and Mel james.

The completed birds for the second delivery was provided by Danielle Brunet, Velta O’Leary, Ana Khorramshahi and Mel James.

Comments from the Group regarding the birds:
I would like to receive your comments so please email them to me. I will start the dialog.

Everyone has put their own interpretation into the carving. They are often very subtle changes which reflect the personal interpretation and the wood being used.

There are two designs, I prefer the original.

There are two sizes for the original design to suite the size of the recipient’s hand.

Does anyone have any changes they would like to see in the design?

Sharing information with the Group:
I do not believe we will be in the workshop any time soon. If any of you wish to share information please do not hesitate to email the group.

I have attempted to touch base with you all and so far you all have stayed away from trouble. Please be safe, I do miss talking with you.

Best Wishes,

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