Welcome to Summer Everyone!

The situation in York Region is beginning to improve and as far as I can see it’s going to be a much better Summer than last year.

The Ontario Government has just presented their “Road Map to Re-Open”. It is a three step plan which will begin once 60% of Ontario Adults have received at least their first Covid-19 vaccine. It is an interesting read that helps clarify where we are headed. Karie sent an e-flash with this information to you on May 27.

I sincerely hope that all of you have had your first dose of the vaccine. We anticipate that the majority of our members will receive their booster vaccine by July or August. There is some hope that it may even be sooner as the vaccine rollout appears to be ahead of schedule. The vaccines are key to when and how we reopen.

We sent a number of questions of concern from our members to Christine Elliott‘s office and have recently received a response. The questions and answers can be seen on our website.

Karie will be sending out a second survey to our members regarding Covid vaccines etc. at the end of May. I highly encourage you to complete the survey as it will aid the Board in making decisions about our reopening including when activities can be reintroduced.

On a lighter note Karie has come up with another fun activity for our members. It’s a virtual scavenger hunt called Goose Chase. We recently did a trial run with some of our volunteers and it was great fun. It’s easy and only entails downloading the FREE app. She plans to run the game in July and August. More information will be coming soon! There will also be a paper version available; however, Goose Chase will be more interactive.

June is Seniors Month in Aurora. Andrew will be presenting a number of virtual seminars, once a week, with topics such as Genealogy and Cognitive Thinking and a presentation by CHATS. Again this information will be provided by e-flashes and on the website. Jo-Anne Bartholomew, co chair of our re-opening committee, has suggested an e-flash be sent out to members asking for stories of projects/activities they accomplished during the Covid shut downs and these will be included in the July newsletter and also added to the website. She will send out an e-flash with information.

The Aurora Cultural Days Planning Committee, chaired by Shawna White, is in full swing. There will be events running from Sept. 24 till Oct. 24. The committee has also decided to feature a “Summer of Culture”, which will feature various Cultural Pop-Up events. These will run in conjunction with the Aurora Farmers Market and will take place at the Town Park on Saturdays throughout July and August. Keep an eye on our website and e-flashes for further information on these events. It sounds like a great way to get out and enjoy Aurora’s many Cultural events.

In my last report I mentioned that we were investigating a Virtual General Meeting but upon further examination the Board has decided against it at this time. 

Again we are working hard to establish the time for reopening. The tools we are using are as follows:

1. Number of new Covid cases.

2. Vaccine rollout

3. Information from Christine Elliotts office

4. Survey results

5. Common sense.

We will open as soon as we feel it is completely safe and will adhere to the protocols set out by the York Region Board of Health. We have just been informed by the Town that no indoor facilities will open before July 26, at the earliest. We will keep you updated of any further announcements. Believe me I want to reopen as much as anyone but it can’t be done until all possible safety measures are in place.

Till then please stay safe. We will see each other in person soon.

Take care….  Dave LeGallais

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