As you probably all know by now the Aurora Senior Centre will be reopening on October 4th. It isn’t a complete reopening but it is a pretty good start.  For details  on which activities are included and important information on the requirements and protocols you’ll need to be aware of see the Eflash that was sent on Sept 28th or check the website under reopening or the newsletter. All the information you will need can be found in one of those spots.

To attend in person activities you must preregister. Call Reception at 905-726-4767 or email at Please note that at this time ASA members can prebook for a maximum of three activities a week to insure that everyone that wants to participate has the chance. Should you want to register for additional time you can call Reception on the day of the activity. If the activity is not full you may register at that time to participate. We will be adding further activities to the schedule soon and hopefully be back to a full schedule within the next few months.

As you know the ASA is a volunteer driven organization. Over the next few months we will be looking for new people to join as volunteers in a number of roles from helping with the various activities to working on a committee. Volunteering can be very rewarding and a great way to meet new friends. If you are interested in volunteering, please leave your name with Reception and someone will be in touch with you asap. On a personal note I can say that volunteering at the ASA has been one of the best things I’ve done since retiring. I have met many fine and interesting people and the Centre has become a home away from home.

As I close out this month‘s President’s Report I’d like to reflect a little. I used to really look forward to doing the this report. There was always new and exciting things to report on that were happening at the Centre. There were trips and performances we enjoyed. Activities that were happening and lots of special events from special sales to concerts. Just in January and February of 2020 we had 144 new members, each of whom brought their own unique personalities and experience to our community. 

All that changed of course in March 2020. It seems since then all I’ve written about is the shut down due to Covid-19, all the rules and regulations we have to follow and all our plans towards trying to reopen. Hopefully the tide has turned and I will soon report on the wonderful reunions we’re having and all the fun and smiling faces that will be seen in those too long empty rooms at our Centre. I hope to report on new thoughts and plans for the Association and all the good things we have to look forward to over the next few months. Let’s keep up a positive attitude. I am personally optimistic and am looking forward to a much more cheerful President’s Report in coming months.

See you soon… Dave LeGallais

Aurora Seniors Centre

The Aurora Seniors Centre is operated in partnership with the Town of Aurora's Community Services Department. Its success is based on the Seniors who volunteer their time and Town of Aurora staff. Our goal is to provide programs, events and activities that will benefit and enrich the lives of older adults.


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