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In 2019, staff at the Aurora Seniors Centre are excited to announce the launch of Seniors Centre Without Walls.

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) is a community outreach program to support vulnerable and isolated seniors and adults with physical disabilities who may find it difficult to leave home for extended periods of time due to financial constraints, transportation difficulties, and/or health and mobility issues.

Through the use of conference calls, SCWW provides the opportunity for participants to obtain pertinent health-related information through direct access and conversations with professionals from their community, later-life-learning opportunities, participation in brain-stimulating activities, and most importantly, to feel part of a community and opportunity to create new and meaningful friendships.

Keep watching for more information in the February newsletter! In February we will post our March schedule, and explain how participants can join the program. We all know someone who used to come to the Centre and cannot any more. All SCWW programming will be provided for free, to eliminate financial barriers for participants.

Karie will present more information on this program at the 10:00 a.m. Computer Club seminar on Tuesday January 8. She will also be happy to answer all your questions.

SCWW is financially supported by our Partner of the Month program, the Town of Aurora and other organizations including the Good Companions Seniors Centre in Ottawa.

Questions? Feel free to contact Karie or Andrew! They are happy to speak to you about this program!

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The Aurora Seniors Centre is operated in partnership with the Town of Aurora's Community Services Department. Its success is based on the Seniors who volunteer their time and Town of Aurora staff. Our goal is to provide programs, events and activities that will benefit and enrich the lives of older adults.

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