By Alma Durkin

So…how are you getting your groceries? 

You lucky 70 year olds who are still driving are able to actually choose your vegetables and fruit personally. I understand it is not all roses having to follow certain pathways and waiting outside the store until you are allowed to enter and follow the new rules. Perhaps someone can describe their shopping experience to others who can no longer shop independently?

Like me….

Because I no longer drive, I have had to find other ways to get groceries. There are online services which will shop for you and deliver within two hours. The one I use allows their shopper to shop at several local stores, including Walmart, Superstore, M and M, etc. Make your list from the comfort of your home and just wait for delivery to your door.

If you are not online, shame, shame, you can phone a local drugstore which will also deliver quite a few groceries etc, but excluding produce, with excellent service, by the following day.

In this way, I am mostly independent, although my neighbours and family do offer their services to the LCBO which are most appreciated. 

Now…..all I have to do is cook the darn stuff!!!

But I feel lucky at 93 to be able to do all this for Joe who is 95 and still be in our own home.

Keep your chins up and keep safe. 

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