From Erlinda Biondic

My husband and I walk around our neighbourhood mornings and evenings. Now with the pandemic, we get out sometimes three times a day. We have our routes. In the morning we go West and in the evening East. Since the sun is at our back in the morning, we take delight to see how long our shadows are. These walks take from 1/2 hour to an hour depending on who we meet and chat with along the way. Once in awhile we go to the Arboretum to visit our tree. Six years ago we adopted a beautiful red maple we named Ruby. She is gorgeous.

The only time we won’t venture out is when there is thunder and lightning. A little rain does not bother us so long as we have our rain gear. Mind you, a few times we’ve come home soaking wet, because we didn’t believe or listen to the weather man.

I am interested in looking at people’s front yard, what flowers they have planted or what improvement was done to the driveway. I even take notice as to whose house has the “For Sale” sign and when the “Sold “ is slapped on. I said to my husband, “Look, two days and it is sold. Wow”! I always pass by a pond to see the swans. Unfortunately, still no little ones this year. “Get going you two, you can do it! And good luck.”

During one walk, we noticed an elderly gentleman with aqua coloured shoes, (not blue suede shoes) but running shoes with untied shoelaces. He looks strong for a 90 year old: no walker or cane. He has an infectious smile and always stops for a friendly little chat. He is a bit hard of hearing in spite of the hearing aids. An alarm monitoring gadget dangles from his neck. Sometimes, he carries a plastic bag. I had wondered what was inside. One morning, I saw him bending over among the tall grass, up a hill by the storm water pond. I waited to make sure he was okay. When he emerged, I asked him if there was something interesting there. He said, he was watering his plants. So that’s what is inside of plastic bag, a can with water from home.

Later on, he revealed that he had planted two maple saplings in memory of his wife, who died in February in a Nursing Home. And because of Covid-19, he was not allowed to attend her funeral. He got misty eyed as he was telling us the story. I would have given him a hug, if we didn’t have the two meters distancing restriction.

Occasionally, we bump into Tom, who lives next door at a retirement residence. We hope his two trees will survive the winter and will grow tall and majestic.

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