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Computers, Tablets, Smartphones

The Aurora Seniors Computer group is focused on helping our members use their computers and mobile devices as effectively as possible. We hold seminars Tuesday mornings where we present a program about using technology for entertainment, communications, learning and to access the many services that are available to us online. Tuesday afternoons in the computer room are reserved for helping members one-on- one with whatever technical issues they may be dealing with.

If there is no presentation or Tuesday afternoon drop-in session going on the Computer Room is available for individual use by any member of the Aurora Seniors Association. See below for more information and topics coming up for the Tuesday morning seminars.

See our calendar for scheduled days and times.

Computer Executive

The Computer Group

Top row – Herb Koller, Sandy DeRocchis, Tom Yates, Doug Cooper, Ron Humenchuk, Bob Hedenberg

Middle – Don Keel

Bottom – Allan Church, June O’Donnell, Laureen Campbell, Bill Ault

Missing – Jan Haarink 

Co-Chairs: Bill Ault and Bob Hedenberg

Information and Activities for March 2020

Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows 7 effective January 14. If you are still using Windows 7 you might want to consider a new PC. You can get a new Windows 10 laptop for as little as $300 or a Chromebook for as little as $200. Or you can install Linux for free on your Windows 7 PC. To find out more, contact any member of the computer club.

Computer Club Seminars – Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. – We continue to try and cover topics of interest to our members, but as always, we need your help to know what is of interest to you. Let us know.

Tuesday, March 3 – Are you aware of the various services available to you with your Microsoft account Bob will take us through these and most of them are free. Come find out more.

Tuesday, March 10 – We haven’t had a Q&A (Question & Answer) session in a while. Bring your questions and we will try and answer them. Or let us know about some new technology you are using now.

Tuesday, March 17 – AR or Augmented Reality. What is it? Come find out, Herb and Doug will tell us all about it and show us some examples.

Tuesday, March 24 – iOS, the operating system that makes your iPhone and iPad work. Come find out what the basic operations and settings are. Also what are some of the most useful apps. Doug will tell us all about iOS.

Tuesday, March 31 – Are you aware of all the government websites that are available to you? Local, provincial and federal, all of them provide you with numerous online services and information. Bob will tell us about some of them.

Technology Education: There are no classroom sessions. Come to the Tuesday afternoon drop-in session for one-on-one help or take advantage of the Cyber-Seniors website. See a computer club member to learn more about Cyber-Seniors or to get registered.

Tuesday drop-in sessions from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Every Tuesday, any member who is looking for any kind of technical help can come by and we will try our best to assist. All the help we provide is covered by your payment of the $1 daily activity fee. We provide one-on-one help in these sessions.

Your suggestions and comments about what you might like the computer club to do, courses we could teach or content for our Tuesday sessions is always welcome. Come talk with us or send your suggestions to Bill Ault at, Bob Hedenberg at or to

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