As many of us try to stay in touch with friends and family we are being bombarded with several new Apps we know nothing about. We frequently get questions in the Computer Club meetings about how to use a messaging app, or how to get started on Facebook or Instagram. While we have done some sessions dedicated to these Apps, we recently did a session about how you could go about finding App tutorials online.

Tutorials are available online in several formats. There are websites dedicated to the topic like MacMost for Macintosh users. We also have YouTube channels with very high-quality walk-throughs and tutorials. In addition, sites like Medium have bloggers that provide written advice and how-to’s. The trick is knowing what to look for.

Searching for 101, introduction, tutorial can often uncover some gems. We post all the videos of our sessions here. The specific video covering self-education is here.

We are on a summer break but will start with all new sessions Sept 6th.  We have started doing hybrid session on Zoom and in the Computer Room and will continue with this process in September.

Doug Cooper, Computer Club Chair

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